Mission Statement

The purpose of this association shall be to keep alive Texas history, perpetuate Texas traditions and cultivate friendly relations between the Pioneers of Texas and their descendants; and also to establish and maintain landmarks, memorial halls, historical museums, institutions and hospitals, calculated to carry out the educational, social and charitable purposes of the Association.

Our Board 2019-2022

Executive Committee:
President – Ronnie Nipper
1st Vice-President (Membership) – Diane Baird
2nd Vice-President (Education) – Cathy DeVries
3rd Vice-President (Social) –  Michele Sheldon
4th Vice-President (Marketing) – Mary-Elizabeth Martinez
Secretary – Jacki McAnear
Treasurer – Karen Rogers
Historian – Irma Iris Duran de Rodriguez

Bruce Gill
Margaret Cluck
Sharon Wernil
Candy Carson
Jack French

Virginia Van Cleave (Immediate Living Past President)
Trustees: (*considered for election to fill unexpired terms)
*Robin Templeton, Chairman (2013)
Ronnie Retzloff (2015)
Ken McAnear (2018)
Bill Van Cleave (2019)
Margaret Canfield (2019)

Appointed positions:
Chaplain – Jean French
Genealogist – Sanford C. Read
Parliamentarian – Steve Rogers

Fiesta San Antonio Participating Member Organization Commissioner:  Barbara Vander-Nipper