Our Purpose

The purpose of this association shall be to keep alive Texas history, perpetuate Texas traditions and cultivate friendly relations between the Pioneers of Texas and their descendants; and also to establish and maintain landmarks, memorial halls, historical museums, institutions and hospitals, calculated to carry out the educational, social and charitable purposes of the Association.  There shall be no capital stock and no profit sharing features.

Our Board 2017-2019

Executive Committee:
President – Virginia Van Cleave
1st Vice-President (Membership) – Diane Baird
2nd Vice-President (Education) – Elizabeth Neely
3rd Vice-President (Social) –  Araceli Davis
4th Vice-President (Marketing) – Irma Iris Duran de Rodriguez
Secretary – Jacki McAnear
Treasurer – Jack French
Historian – Max Strozier

Bruce Gill
Jacquie Rothermel
Margaret Cluck
Pat Conway
Bill Van Cleave (Immediate Living Past President)
Trustees: (*considered for election to fill unexpired terms)
*Robin Templeton, Chairman (2013)
*S. Chris Smith (2014)
Ronnie Retzloff (returning, elected 2015)
Bill Irwin (returning, elected 2016)


Appointed positions:
Chaplain – Jean French
Geneologist – Sanford C. Read
Parliamentarian – Steve Rogers

Fiesta San Antonio Participating Member Organization Commissioner:  Karen Rogers